DIY loose powder

Hey blogger enthusiasts far and wide! This one is for my makeup lovers. Have you ever run out of loose powder and didn't have the time to run to your nearest makeup outlet to get more? Well I've devised a plan to help you out! Ingredients: Baby powder Cocoa powder (you can add a dash… Continue reading DIY loose powder


Dove Hair Care

What's up blogger babes far and wide? Recently I was given the amaaaazing opportunity by Beauty Bulletin to review a whole bunch of Dove Hair Care products. Due to the magnitude of the products I received, I enlisted quite a bit of ladies to help me review these products. After my first wash, I posted… Continue reading Dove Hair Care

Story Saturday: Swimming Against The Tide

What's up blogger babes far and wide? Today we have a little twist on my Story Saturday feature. An interview! With an extraordinary young lady from Canada. I found Mckayla (aka @Onyx_lips) on instagram a while back and I was immediately drawn in to her world. After insta-stalking her I couldn't help but wonder where… Continue reading Story Saturday: Swimming Against The Tide

Story Saturday: Being Gay, Black and a Man.

What's up blog readers far and wide! Today I'm featuring the story of a young black male of strong Zulu heritage that lives his life as his true, authentic self; a gay man. His story is detailed and raw, so check it out! Who am I? My name is Philani Zulu, I’m 21 this year,… Continue reading Story Saturday: Being Gay, Black and a Man.

Story Saturday: The Sad but Ultimately Great Life of A Teen Mom.

What's up guys! So I decided to start a new section to my blog called Story Saturday. To kick us of we get a look into the life of a strong willed, fighter mom - Claudia Venter. This beauty has been through hell and back and is still stronger than ever. Here's her story; Hey… Continue reading Story Saturday: The Sad but Ultimately Great Life of A Teen Mom.